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Healer Program

Are you desiring to take your Spiritual Gifts to the next level? 


This Shamanic GODCODE Healer Certification Program guides you safely through the spiritual medicine journey of Shamanism.  The desire to inquire about becoming a Shamanic GODCODE Healer speaks to the possibilities that you have Shamanism in your ancestry and past lives.  Now may be the right time to re-awaken these healing gifts and include them in your own healing journey, and service to others.  

This Shamanic GODCODE Certification is for Healers, Teachers, Leaders, and Professionals that:

  • Are desiring expanding their Spiritual Toolbelt and resume

  • Are being called to be a Spiritual Warrior and Healer to help others

  • Want to have access to all time, space, continuum, and worlds

  • Want to have a career as a Shaman with private sessions, clients, and groups

  • Desires a stronger connection with GOD and the GODCODE Healing Technique

  • Want to provide greater offerings in your current career

  • Would like support within a private membership community

  • Are ready to take their healing gifts to the next level of growth

We welcome beginners in energy healing, to advanced professionals.  Shamanism is a unique medicine with natural inherent gifts that will mature with practice.  We are opening you up to receive your own Spiritual mentorship and guidance that will continue evolving you and your offerings over time, based on your individual blueprint.  This Certification is re-awakening the alignment, templates, codes, and personal healing gifts that are ready to come to life through you.  

Taking this Sacred Quantum Voyage and guided Curriculum can help you:


  • Expand your psychic gifts and abilities

  • Add more skills to your Healer Tool Belt

  • Access new realms, dimensions, and realities

  • Gain stronger psychic discernment, protection, and power

  • Stronger direct connection and communication with the Most High

  • Confidence to explore the powerful Quantum being that you are

  • Make money living your life purpose doing what you love

  • Know what you are truly capable of as a healer and guide

  • Provide the business structure to turn your offerings into your full-time career

  • Open you up to the New Earth opportunities available in service 

SHAMANIC GODCODE Healer Certification Program


Build your Professional Healing Business 

New Earth Leadership Attunment

Clarity on your Purpose and Offerings

How to create your personal brand

Formulate what products and services to offer, and ways to offer them

Build an online presence 

Marketing tips to attract your soulmate community and clients

How to structure a Spiritually based business 

Build hours, practice, and testimonial exchanging services within our private community

How to balance career, health, and family/lifestyle

Access to the Private Online Member Community

Shamanic GODCODE Healer Certification Program Inquiry

Hi Family!  Thank you for your inquiry into the Shamanic GODCODE Healer Certification Program.  I am excited to explore how this may be the ideal opportunity for you.  Please complete the inquiry form when you have a moment.  You will receive a follow-up response by email.  Thank you once again ~ Love Carolyn

Thanks for submitting!

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