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Golden Key 🔑 to MANIFESTING in the 5th DIMENSION  

Manifesting Your New Earth Reality

Thank you for joining me for this powerful Quantum Healing to awaken your BIRTHRIGHTS of manifesting in the 5th Dimension.  This is the Golden Key that unlocks the blocks that kept your New Earth reality hidden from you.  The time has come to fully step into you 5D embodiment and physical reality of Holy Rapture, and receive all of your Birthrights and karmic wells received now, here, in the Flesh.  


VIDEO 1: Clear & Activate to your 5th Dimension Manifesting Birthrights

VIDEO 2: 5th Dimension Manifestation CO-CREATIVE Meditation

✨   Invoke your ability to manifest through the new moon and the ONECODE of Christ

✨   Activate your sovereignty, Divine Power, and new DNA of your BIRTHRIGHTS of being able to manifest

✨   Activate to God’s Flower of Life and the ONECODE to manifest and birth

✨   Activate to the everlasting Fountain of Life permeating through your soul

✨   Clear any part of you that doesn’t feel valuable in claiming your birthrights

✨   Receive your Birthrights directly from Prime Creator

✨   Remove slavery from the root point of conception - blood spells, blood packs, and white supremacy slavery

✨   Remove spells that have been blocked your money

✨   Activate protection from Saint Brighid who has been protecting your Avalon Birthrights, to receive them back now 

✨   Activate yourself to put your time and energy into your own gain and family first

✨   Activate meet your Tribe, new collaborations, barter system, and your New Earth Template of co-creating abundance within your Tribe

✨   Clear feelings of not feeling physically attractive and body shaming that is blocking you from to attracting love and union 

✨   Clear the superficial thoughts that you need a certain look and lifestyle to attract your desires

✨   Clear co-dependency and attracting narcissists that blocks receiving blessings for yourself

✨   Clear the seed point of you being a slave, and return your original blueprint of sovereignty

✨   Always shine bright, radiant, and high vibes without feeling guilty or dimming yourself to make others comfortable

✨   Clear envy, greed, spells, addictions, from dark feminine and masculine that stole your power

✨   Restore back all of your power, clearing defragmentation, and be fully present and grounded in your body and the now

✨   Clearing sex slave narcissists, Egyptian sex slavery spells, and past life sexual slave masters 

✨   Face life head on with strength, sovereignty, and divine power, knowing your birthrights, and you deserve to have all your heart’s desires as you new knowingness 

✨   Clear each of your 10 chakra blocks and activate them to their highest receiving and manifesting potential

✨   Clear  your body being used for physical slavery and replace this with restoring your power and strength

✨   Activate the brain, spinal channel, and body to work together at your most optimal capacity 

✨   Clear the brainwashing, energy vampires, and mental slavery from all the information that you consume from others, YouTubers, music, reading materials, etc.

✨   Clear trauma you’ve witnessed on the news and in public from people in authority physically punishing the human race

✨   Align with God and his wells so that he is your provider of all things

✨   Activate your internal Divine Feminine and Masculine to be working together so you receive ideas and inspiration of your manifestations and take action to receive them

✨   Co-create together with all who are participating in these activations, your manifestations, as a tribe, with me, and with God

✨   Activate being safe and protected to receive and have blessings and overflow without others taking it from you

✨   Activate being the Empress, that you receive your manifestations easily as an independently with God, and automatically activate this in others as they witness you

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