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Do you need help in facilitating:

Healing the root of imbalances in your life

Clearing blocks, karma, cords, entities,

Receiving a deep healing and cleansing

Alignment for your future life direction

Mental and emotional balance

Karmic relationship and Union healing 

Specific guidance from the Most High

Spiritual awakening support

Light Body activations

and more? 

If so the one-on-one private Shamanic GODCODE Healing Sessions with Carolyn will help you in these various ways and more.  




Carolyn utilizes her psychic Somatic Shamanic gifts to access the seed point cause of your concerns.  Once found she clears, heals, aligns, and activates to the solution and results you are seeking. 


Carolyn only works with the Most High, and uses her God given gift of Stellar Math GODCODE light language with Somatic Shamanic healing.  GODCODE is used to clear the algorithms of the old program, and create the new program to run on.  This is done through the fractal coding of the Universe, accessing and re-writing your personal software program running within it.


Carolyn specializes as a Galactic Shaman who works in the Quantum Field.  This means she is working outside of time, space, dimensions and realities, and accessing the All.  God guides her through the Quantum Field to the source of creation of the ailment, program, pattern, relationships, karma, spells, entities, ancestral, past life, contracts, etc. to clear and transmute.  God provides her with the new energies and solutions which she then codes in.


This can include:


  • Healings with people and relationships

  • Entity removal & exorcisms

  • Removal of spellwork, hexes, curses, & contracts

  • Genetic and ancestral karma clearing

  • Healing the root cause of dis-ease

  • Healing the source of addictions

  • Soul retrieval

  • Healing PSTD, depression, trauma, and abuse

  • Land and home clearings

  • Chakra healing, clearing, and balancing

  • Activations and attunements

  • Awakening of the Crystalline Light Body

  • Resolving soul lessons

  • Healing childhood traumas

  • Healing your Ancestry, children, and future generations

  • Reprogramming old beliefs into new ones

  • Awakening your spiritual gifts and mission

  • Aligning you back to Source

  • Clearing receiving blocks

  • Healing of your Holy Grail Union and Divine Counterpart

  • Aligning you to receive financial abundance, blessings, and your birthrights



One-on-One sessions are done over zoom video.  There are NO tools, drumming, rattles, altered states, plant medicine, or other traditional shamanic methods needed for your healing journey.  Carolyn organically facilities the entire process through her so you can just relax, sit back, close your eyes, and receive all that is available.


Generally during the session clients feel the energy shifts in the body, feel the releasing of energies transmute off the body, will have more revelations surfacing throughout the session, and a calming of the mental and nervous systems as they get balanced.

These Shamanic sessions are Quantum.  They begin before your session, and continue unfolding after your session, for as long as is necessary to complete.  This is a transformative process that is based on your own personal journey, layers of healing, divine timing, and more.  


Carolyn has helped many people from around the world with a variety of very unique topics.  You can come to Carolyn with any personal concern, and receive a safe and non-judgmental professional sacred space to receive the support and solutions needed.


When working with Carolyn you can also expect to receive a greater awakening of your own natural gifts and abilities.  She guides you through your journey of healing, and raises you up into your 5D New Earth embodiment. 


Carolyn helps clear your path, making it easier to achieve your goals, and align your life into the version you intend it to be.  You leave the session feeling clear, aligned, safe, protected, loved, with more understanding, direction, and peace. 


Carolyn also aligns your direct connection with the Most High, and your Spirit Team to move forward with after the session.

Book a 60 minute Session with Carolyn
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Once booked Carolyn will contact you to arrange the best day and time
A portion of payment goes to rescuing women and children fleeing violence, and provide them the services they need to be safe, healed, and free
Book a 60 minute Session with Carolyn
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DISCLAIMER: The information in your session is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment of any kind, and is entertainment purposes only.  Any service provided is not intended to take place of a medical, legal, financial or other professionals.   The information provided, including ideas, suggestions, techniques, methods, resources, and other offerings are solely for entertainment in nature, and is not medical, legal, financial, psychological, or other professional advice. Session with Carolyn and 144 GODCODE Incorporated are not to be used as medical advice, medical treatment, legal advice, financial advice, psychological treatment, or any other professional advice or service of any kind or nature.  Any information is not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed professional, physician, health care provider, legal advice, financial, and any other professional.  All services and products are for entertainment purposes only.  Carolyn and 144 GODCODE Incorporated are not responsible for any loss which may arise from any consumer reliance on any service, product, or information provided.  Carolyn and 144 GODCODE Incorporated are not responsible for any loss which may arise from any consumer reliance on any service, product, or information provided.  Carolyn and 144 GODCODE INCORPORATED and any subsidiaries or agents acting on the behalf of the aforementioned parties waives any and all legal claims, liabilities, injury, emotional, psychological, legal, financial, or otherwise, action or other responsibility.   By purchasing a session with Carolyn and 144 GODCODE Incorporated you understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this disclaimer, and the disclaimer and terms and conditions here.

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