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Exit surviving in the financial matrix systems, and

financially thrive in New Earth

The NEW EARTH WEALTH GENERATING PROGRAM is for the Wayshowers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, the 144000, Rainbow Warriors, Empaths, and Earth Angels that are here to be Leaders in birthing the New Earth Financial Systems.  


Are you ready to be financially thriving with abundant overflow? 


The codes included in this Wealth Program not only activate and align you to create New Earth Wealth, but in addition, you are growing your Family’s financial legacy to prosper and thrive for future generations to come.  


The program focuses on:

  • Alignment of your abundant financial future in New Earth

  • Clearing wealth blocks, debts, contracts, programs and beliefs

  • Receive your financial abundant birthrights

  • Be fully taken care of, protected, and guided by Source

  • Restore you and you Family’s health, peace, happiness, and longevity 

  • Receive access to a wealth of financial wisdom and future financial prophecy

  • Feel great, excited, and passionate about creating your New Earth life and lifestyle 


The Wealth Generating Program invites us to release all remaining limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns of financial struggle to the zero point.  This is part of our Collective birthright to relinquish us from matrix top down financial control systems.  That paradigm is coming to a close, and through us, we can release all equations of that template.  


This mean rewiring our cells, DNA, telomeres, consciousness and subconscious beliefs to a completely New Earth system.  This NEW EARTH WEALTH GENERATING PROGRAM targets and aligns exactly this.


Our purpose and mission is to birth this New Earth Wealth reality and income as part of the paradigm shift into 5D.  When we become one with this reality, it becomes one with us, making this process very simple.  


The planetary shift, collective energies, and our personal efforts to heal and evolve have prepared us for this next wave of financial ascension growth.


Join us and receive all that this program has to offer to

become a forerunner and Wayshower for the New Earth Wealth Generation

This programs is 8 audio modules that will support you over the next few months and years, during this Galactic shift of ages we are in.

Focus on listening to one module a week to integrate and align the codes, clearings, healings, and activations. 


These modules can be listened to once, or repeat daily as guided. 

Once you have completed all 8 modules, you can return to any or all of them as guided. 


Module 1


  • Activating God’s Wealth Consciousness

  • Activating the pineal and pituitary glands

  • Download feeling safe and protected

  • Healing trauma and abuse around money

  • Receive the karmic debts owed back to you

  • Receive financial justice from mental slavery

  • Clearing outdated money beliefs 

  • Activating God’s beliefs of generating wealth and money

  • Protection over your God Wealth Mind

  • Clearing financial setbacks

  • Activation to be a Creator of your life ​

and more!


Module 3


  • Clearing blocks in receiving wealth, abundance, peace, joy 

  • Clearing financially sacrificing

  • Release old earth ways of creating wealth

  • Releasing programming, stored trauma, karma, entity removal, and ancestry

  • Activating the DNA to have the home and lifestyle you desire

  • Receive the Key to God’s Kingdom

  • Receive the Wealth of God’s Kingdom manifest in your life

  • Collect wealth owed to your family tree and ancestry

  • Healing relationships that affected your wealth

  • Activation to receive more than enough to remain in a surplus

  • Activation of long term success and growth 

  • Connect to the New Earth collective wealth exchange 

  • Receive supportive New Earth wealth generating systems

and more!​


Module 5


  • Activation to merge as ONE with New Earth Financial Wealth

  • Activation of the brain, spine, chakras, cellular memory, and grounding cords

  • Clearing blocks, systems, genetics, interferences, and division that separated you from having wealth

  • Releasing beliefs of how it looks to have wealth 

  • Activation to receive thats be taken or blocks back wealth 10 fold 

  • Activation to have abundant supply and overflow be your normal daily life

  • Activation to have whatever you need manifested into the now moment

  • Activation to receive external energetic support bringing abundance into your life

  • Activation to open the heart chakra to receive and attract wealth

  • Activation of the love of wealth and abundance  

and more! 


Module 7


  • Grounding physically into New Earth

  • Integrating in love, wealth, health into your life

  • Receive the safety of Mother Father God

  • Activation to create practical wealth plans

  • Activation to trust you are making healthy wealth decisions

  • Receive action steps from the Most High 

  • Connect your life into the Oneness field of creation

  • Ground into the temple of God

  • Activation to fulfill God’s plans for you through you

  • Activation to be secure, stable, and supplied for

  • Activation to be fully taken care of by God in all ways

  • Clearing fears, stress, and worries that create instability

  • Receive new balanced lifestyle plans and structures

and more!


Module 2


  • Set boundaries with debt

  • Clearing external energies that create debt

  • Genetic clearing of debt slavery

  • Clearing contracts that are creating debt

  • Clearing the beliefs around debt

  • Activation of an infinite wealth consciousness 

  • Clear unhealthy spending patterns

  • Clearing envy, greed, comparing, and jealousy

  • Activation to easily purchase what you desire

  • Activation of thriving opportunities

  • Easily attract a pleasurable lifestyle

  • Activation to live a life of free energy

​and more!


Module 4


  • Clearing energy vampires, exhaustion, and depression

  • Restoration of your leadership in financial wealth and abundance

  • Activation of protection of your wealth, yourself, and family

  • Receive your Galactic Avatar into your DNA

  • Restore your Galactic position of wealth

  • Restoration of all your life force energy into your cells

  • End  your old earth service and mission

  • Birth you New Earth wealth life cycle 

  • Receive debts owed back to your heritage

  • Clearing struggling and financial survival 

  • Activation of a thriving healthy lifestyle with peace and pleasure

  • Activation to have healthy and safe food, water, and shelter

  • Receive divine intervention to be taken into your abundant life

and more!​


Module 6


  • Clearing sickness and purging thats blocking wealth

  • Clearing ancestral genetic health conditions

  • Clearing external energies being used to damage health

  • Clearing fears, worries, and lack around money

  • Clearing poverty belief systems

  • Clearing using health conditions to play it small

  • Receive healing and ascension growth of the body

  • Activation to be healthy so you can be wealthy, abundant, and thriving

  • Activation of strength, willpower, energy, drive, and confidence to be successful

  • Program new conscious beliefs that you are healthy, prosperous and thriving 

  • Receive miraculous divine healing for any health conditions in your family

  • Activating your New Earth physical body and Spirit 

and more!


Module 8


  • Activation to know what is coming to prepare 

  • Connection to the Quantum Field of information

  • Receive Wisdom and knowledge direct from Source

  • Receive your connection into God’s Flower of Life

  • Activate your ability to travel through the Astral Universe 

  • Receive access to the tools and blueprints of Creation

  • Activation to Generate Wealth 

  • Psychic activation to clearly hear Spirit

  • Activation to birth what have already been manifesting

  • Activate the power to create through your words, thoughts, concepts, and ideas 

  • Align with information of the bigger cycles and changes of the Universe 

and more!

As the layers shed, activations continue, and the planetary energies move and change, new opportunities and changes will be constantly happening.  This Wealth Program will support you as needed so you can move with the daily New Earth energy changes, maximizing your financial potentials and birthrights available. 

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