Are you ready for your Spiritual Transformation into Ascended Mastery?  

Have you been Chosen to be a powerful LIGHTWARRIOR in 5D New Earth?

My name is Carolyn, and I have created this Sacred Space to support your evolution of enlightenment, and being the very best version of who you really are!  Together we are ascending into 5D New Earth, as Leaders of THE WAY.




DAILY Scalar Energy & GODCODE Distant Healing


Receive daily distant healing with Scalar Biofeedback Electromagnetic Energy, and GODCODE Quantum Healing and balancing.  Within the 144 PORTAL, we are utilizing Nikola Tesla’s discovery of scalar waves and the Aetheric Realm together that create Scalar Energy, the primal LIFE FORCE ENERGY of our Universe.  Additionally, Carolyn does distant GODCODE energy healings and activations.  Together, these two healing modalities will bring you daily support, balance, health, well being, and optimal success for your daily growth and ascension - mind, body, heart, and soul. 

DAILY Mentorship and Guidance


Receive information on the current energies, to utilize as a navigational tool, to support your growth and potentials.  Build more confidence with your direct connection with the Most High, including expanding your own spiritual healing talents and gifts. 



Hang out and make friends with others in our Tribe, in this safe private space, away from social media platforms.  Together we are building our New Earth community and lifestyle, supporting each other in co-creating our 5D reality.  This includes having your own profile, direct messaging, forum group conversations, networking, and finding local Tribe Members near you.

MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT on Quantum Healings, Readings, Courses, and Activation Series


Watch all of Carolyn's video content within the app, at a discounted price.  This includes archived content to listen to at any time.



Easy to use App streamlining all of Carolyn's content, and communication with Tribe members