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WELCOME: Welcome

Blessings Beloveds
Welcome to your
5D New Earth Timeline

Thank you so much for joining me and the 144 GODCODE Tribe.  My name is Carolyn, and I am here to support empaths, healers, Starseeds, Earth Angels, Rainbow Warriors, and Lightworkers of the 144000 dimensionally ascend and begin their new life 5D New Earth.
I activate and awaken the Christ Codes of New Heaven and New Earth in your DNA using GODCODE Light Language, Shamanism, and Prophetic Word. 

The awareness that you are A CHOSEN CHILD OF GOD is felt in your Spirit!  Remember that it is YOU that has come here to clear and release the generational karma to free yourself, your family, and your ancestors, and future generations to come from loops of separation.  Now is the time to answer the call, and re-emerge into the Christed Flame of your Heart, and become whole again.  

My offerings support the restoration of your original 12 Strands of DNA, including the transfiguration of your Crystalline Plasmic Rainbow Light Body.

This includes Kingdom Marriage, Kingdom Wealth, and Homecoming in the Promised Land.

Join me and co-create together with the Most High your New Earth life and lifestyle, as who you are, and who you are meant to be, Beloveds.


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Welcome and thank you!

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